Soul time

From time to time, to accomplish tasks that we failed to do in our last, We take rebirths in this vessel of soil-cast. An energy so powerful buried deep within, Ignite your Soul- The Divine kingpin. Bearing witness to thoughts and emotions, Are we all not puppets to the realm of time? En-route different paths … More Soul time

Be my Super-Hero

Nothing will ever hurt you, I will be your Super-hero, I said. With a bed-sheet swirled around as cape, A vigilante- to hunt down the demons as I tape. Dancing to the tones of our hearts, We made promises without a blink and did our parts. For a bond that was quite strong, I thought, … More Be my Super-Hero

Fearless He!

Men so strong and fierce; Feared the God for his creation; Destruction and demolitions didn’t weaken him, Floods and famine didn’t scare him, Darkness and failures didn’t falter him, And, god created Women!

Seasons of life

Thought I lived my part And I am ready for a new start, But now, I really know Season of life isn’t just snow, As bright as sun and shiny as star We move to a realm that’s so far, Abode of idiocy people cry, Haven’t you heard the Magic of love I pry? Birth … More Seasons of life